David Chong


In my experience a person looks for six things when globalizing business and personal affairs, he or she wants

  • personal attention;
  • expertise; and
  • an assurance of legality.

Although the priority may vary, he or she also wants a structure that is:

  • cost effective;
  • tax efficient; and
  • simple to operate.

At the Portcullis Group, we strive to provide a service that addresses and excels in all of these areas, and are committed to providing each client with expert, cost-effective implementation of tailored business solutions that are tax efficient and compliant with applicable laws.

As a provider of family office services, the Portcullis Group has the expertise that is needed to build family-sensitive and business-friendly structures for wealth preservation. Our decades of experience in establishing trusts, funds and companies enable us to offer expert and professional services for a family office.

The Portcullis Group is currently witnessing growth across all areas of services. Our vision is to create an independent group that offers comprehensive family office, trust, fund administration and corporate business services, and to build a platform that will serve our clients well into the future.

David Chong