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Felicia Wee

Chief Operating Officer, Business Services - Asia

Diana Tan

General Manager, Business Services - Singapore

Rohaya Rahim

Senior Relationship Manager

Poh Siok Imm

Senior Relationship Manager

Michelle Lim

Senior Relationship Manager

Ang Gaik Min

Relationship Manager

Joanna Ng

Relationship Manager

At Portcullis, our highly experienced team has extensive practical knowledge of local laws and regulations and significant in-house experience in setting up efficient and compliant structures to facilitate success in your businesses.

The start of any business venture requires serious consideration as to the legal structure you select for your organisation. The Portcullis Group offices can help you establish a suitable legal structure in a jurisdiction of your choice. We are happy to discuss your business needs and help you achieve your objectives.

We can assist you to establish and administer business structures in a variety of jurisdictions to hold property and carry on business. Once your business structures are up and running, we can provide continuing corporate secretarial and business support services.

Portcullis Corporate & Business services include, but are not limited to:

Incorporation Services

Incorporating companies and special purpose vehicles in various jurisdictions including:

• Singapore, Hong Kong, Labuan, Cayman, BVI, Cook Islands, Samoa, Seychelles.

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On-going Secretarial Services

• Providing company secretarial and registered office services;

• Maintaining the statutory records and minute books;

• Attending to all statutory filings in the country of domicile;

• Monitoring and arranging for payment of annual fees to local registrars & regulators

• Attending board meetings and taking of minutes;

• Drafting company resolutions, documents and other agreements

• Assisting with the opening of Bank accounts

Accounting and Book keeping Services

• Preparing financial statements

• Payroll and GST services;

• Tax compliance both for companies and individuals

• Consolidated Reporting

• Recommendation, engagement and liaison with company auditors

Director and Shareholder Services

• Director Services (Subject & Application)

• Nominee Shareholder (Subject & Application)

Regulatory and Compliance Services

• Manage your structures’ regulatory and compliance needs

• Assist with FATCA and CRS compliance


• Ship Registration services

• Authorised Representative services (for BVI funds and managers)

• Legalisation (apostille and notarial) services

• Liquidation/liquidator services

• Mergers

• Partnerships

• Registration of charges

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  • British Virgin Islands

  • Cayman Islands

  • Cook Islands

  • Hong Kong

  • Labuan

  • New Zealand

  • Samoa

  • Seychelles

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Oyster Security