Fund Services


Portcullis uses Pacific Fund Systems' PFS-PAXUS as its fund accounting and share registry system. 

PFS-PAXUS has specifically been developed by Pacific Fund Systems for the alternative fund administration Industry. It is a multi-currency system consisting of various integrated modules, (including Securities, General Ledger, Share Registry, Corporate Secretarial and Reporting modules) thereby providing an integrated overview to our fund administrators. This facilitates responsiveness and insight in our staff in dealing with your requests. 

Calculations of administration fees, management fees and incentive fees are automatically performed by the system, reducing the possibility of manual error and ensuring industry standards and methodologies.

The manager of the fund has access to an extensive number and diversity of reports which can be further customized.

On-line Reporting
We provide on-line reporting functionality to Investors, Managers and Agents through PFS-CONNECT. This web portal is developed by Pacific Fund Systems and links to the PFS-PAXUS system.

Manager View 

Through the password protected web portal, the manager accesses a 'dashboard' feature, showing top 10 positions and historical tables of investors activity and AUM (see Figure 1) as well as a wide range of reports such as portfolio reports, valuation reports and financial reports. The web portal further provides the ability for managers to see investors' holdings, market values and all historical transactions.

Figure 1: Manager's dashboard PFS-Connect

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Investors view 

Each registered shareholder will receive a separate password with which the investor can access the investor's holdings, the most up-to-date as well as historical Net Asset Value per share of the Fund and the investor's transactions and contract notes (see Figure 2). The investor can further access graphs and tables that reflect the fund's NAV performance over specified periods of time.

There is further possibility for a transparency functionality which allows investors with appropriate authorization to see the fund portfolio positions and balance sheets, complete with export functionality to Excel, Word and PDF. A number of options exist to restrict this access, including delaying options (e.g. available but with 1-month delay). 

Figure 2: Investor's Dashboard PFS-Connect

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Agent View 

Agents can view the shareholding and share transactions of agent's clients, invested in the fund(s), with similar details as reflected under Investors view.


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