Portcullis (BVI) Ltd

Portcullis (BVI) Ltd

Established in 1993 as a licensed trust company in the British Virgin Islands, Portcullis (BVI) Ltd is a key service provider within the BVI financial services industry. Portcullis (BVI) Ltd is managed by a qualified, professional team with extensive industry experience and expertise in company management, trustee services, trust administration as well as a wide range of corporate services.


Over the past 30 years, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) has established itself as a global financial service leader in the provision of offshore financial services. The BVI boasts a robust and innovative legislative and regulatory regime. Its stable political climate and respected judicial system based on the English common law help make the BVI an attractive place for investment and the formation of a wide range of corporate structures for international business needs.

The BVI has established itself as the leading provider of offshore financial services…due to its best-in-class innovative regulatory regime and business-friendly environment...BVI Finance

Many leading law and accounting firms have contributed to the continued reputation, stability and well-being of the jurisdiction by choosing to establish permanent offices in the BVI. The Government also remains committed to ensuring the BVI remains at the forefront of the offshore financial services industry worldwide and is able to meet the global challenges and commitments.


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