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In addition to the extensive service portfolio offered by the Portcullis Group, Portcullis (BVI) Ltd offers trust and corporate services to high net worth individuals, family offices, philanthropists, private banks, investment managers and investment advisers.

At Portcullis (BVI) Ltd, each client is provided with personalised, expert services of the highest standards. In an industry where confidentiality and transparency are competing interests to be satisfied, our team strives to deliver quality solutions with integrity and professionalism to ensure our clients have the necessary guidance and support they require. Our core areas of expertise are:


The BVI is the world leader in the formation and maintenance of BVI Business Companies and Portcullis (BVI) is one of the foremost service providers in this area. There are many benefits in setting up a BVI Business Company.


As part of our professional services portfolio, Portcullis (BVI) Ltd provides director and shareholder services through our licensed corporate subsidiaries.  This allows the mind, management and control of a company to remain in the BVI and provides for real-time execution and administration of company business.


Trusts are recognised as a useful financial planning tool with many applications and advantages. This includes tax planning, family wealth management, the protection and preservation of assets, or simply to avoid the expense and delay of obtaining a grant from the court to administer the estate of a deceased. 

The BVI has innovative and comprehensive trust legislation. The Virgin Islands Special Trust Act (VISTA) 2003 and Private Trust Company (PTC) complement the discretionary standard trusts and enhance the BVI’s position as a leading jurisdiction for trust settlement and operations.

VISTA is a unique legislative measure which establishes a trust system in the BVI specifically covering shares in a BVI company. VISTA allows a corporate owner of a family business to establish a trust comprising shares over a BVI company which shares can be retained in the trust indefinitely. VISTA removes the trustee’s monitoring and intervention obligations, including management responsibility in the company which can instead be carried out by the directors without concern for any unwanted interference in the company’s affairs by the trustee.

PTCs are ideal for holding and consolidation family wealth and enables settlors or settlors' family members to exercise a significant degree of control over trustees' decisions by being directors of PTCs.


The BVI SIBA legislation requires funds and fund managers to appoint an authorised representative to undertake certain functions. Portcullis (BVI) Ltd provides such authorised representative services through its licensed subsidiary, Portcullis AutRe (BVI) Ltd.


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