Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations

We offer sophisticated and professional trustee services backed by over 25 years of experience providing you with:

  • an intelligible and familiar legal system and law relating to trusts.
  • reasonably accessible for the settlor but with the protections afforded by the Cook Islands legislation and regulation.
  • professional and competent trustees used by reputable attorneys and wealth managers worldwide.
  • Professional staff to support your investment advisors and bankers to ensure seamless and effective management of the trust assets.
  • Competitively priced structures and services

In order to assist in the setting up of a trust or foundation we can provide you with:

  • trust deed or foundation rules tailored to your specific requirements or needs including structures for generation wealth management
  • administrative support for your trust or foundation which includes support for private trustee companies set up with us
  • assistance in the opening and administration of bank or investment accounts
  • protector services or provide support to individual protectors in their role and duties to the trust
  • assistance to foundation council members with ongoing administration for the foundation
  • services related to FATCA and CRS filing requirements


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