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With its robust legal framework and well-supported business environment, the Independent State of Samoa offers both individuals and companies an attractive option for all your professional corporate, trustee and wealth management needs.   Since its inception over 20 years ago, Samoa's international finance industry has attracted foreign investors by modernizing its legislation, streamlining its filing processes, and remaining stable and efficient amidst the perpetual and stringent changes on global financial regulations and standards.  Under the effective regulation of the Samoa International Finance Authority, Samoa has proven itself as the Pacific's premier international finance centre.

Having provided fiduciary and corporate services in Samoa since 1989, Portcullis Samoa offers our clients the expertise and experience they require for all their Samoan requirements.

Samoa comprises of several islands, the largest of which are Savaii and Upolu, and is centrally located in the South Pacific (approximately halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand).  Its business district is located in its capital city of Apia.   As a result of its strategic location, Samoa can connect to the business hours in Asia, NZ, Australia and the US, an advantage in today's global markets and economies.

In 1899, the Samoan islands were divided between Germany and the United States, with  the US taking the eastern-most islands, in what is present-day American Samoa, while Germany took possession of the western islands, in what is present-day Samoa.  Following the end of World War 1 and the evacuation of the Germans, Samoa was administered by New Zealand until 1962, when Samoa declared their independence and self-governance.   It is important to note that though the language and cultural aspects of Samoa and American Samoa are similar, both countries remain distinct and wholly separate from the other.

Legal System
As a result of its history, Samoa is a Commonwealth country with its laws and legal systems based on the English Common Law legal system.   There is an established court hierarchy, with the highest court being the Court of Appeal sitting twice a year with respective members of the Australian and New Zealand judiciary presiding.

Although Samoan is the official language, English is widely spoken in Samoa and is used in all business and legal sittings.

Government and Infrastructure
Samoa has a parliamentary democracy, consisting of 49 members of parliament elected by citizens of 21 years and over every five years.  There are two main political parties, both of whom strongly support the Samoa international finance industry.  An attractive feature to foreign investors is Samoa's political stability – the current party has been in government for more than 15 years.  Further, Samoa's local infrastructure is well developed, and includes major innovations in communications and airline transportation.   Samoa's ability to compete efficiently in global markets especially in communications and service sectors has been greatly enhanced by established wireless and broadband connectivity.


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