Fund Services

FATCA & CRS Services

We provide comprehensive services to facilitate compliance with FATCA and CRS requirements, including:

  • Due Diligence Review for Pre-Existing Account Holders, where investors’ documents on file, including customer due diligence and AML documents, are reviewed for U.S., U.K. and CRS indicia, and follow-up is undertaken where required;
  • Due Diligence Review for New Accounts Holders, where new investor are reviewed for U.S., U.K. and CRS indicia and the relevant self-certification documents are collected; and
  • Reporting the names and details of Reportable Persons in the manner prescribed by the relevant tax authority.


  • British Virgin Islands

  • Cayman Islands

  • Cook Islands

  • Hong Kong

  • Labuan

  • New Zealand

  • Samoa

  • Seychelles

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Oyster Security